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December 22 2010


Online Journal/Diary.

Tumblr has been my Fucking First Personal Blog here in Net. And I really like it cos even tho I dunno the people who're following me, They appreciate every posts I post AND It is one of the thing that makes me more happier that there are no Real people in my Life sees what I'm sharing about my personal life. Might be followed by strangers, Yet, For me, It's still Private! :)

I share and rant every thoughts that I have in Tumblr. But ever since Tumblr is starting to be popular already, I just don't have the mood posting more personal thoughts I have in mind. WHY? Because there's so many new fucking real life people that I know following me already.

Oh God! This is serious. I don't like it! I don't want these people knowing my Private personal life. How can I rant now?! :(

There's no Privacy anymore. I mean, Yeah. I know those people, But there's no way I'm gonna let them know more about me and my Life. This is so awkward. 

If they'll be more, I'll have my decision. I'll join other site, or even use this, My soup account to blog about my life. :| Not in Tumblr anymore. This is just getting too sad. I'm so disappointed.

I'm better w/o those people.

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